685 5th Avenue NY | Diesel

685 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Diesel

This Italian jeans & casual apparel retailer chose this prime location to attract shoppers in their 20s, not only by offering its line of admired clothes, but in creating an inviting nightclub-like atmosphere. This store is nicknamed “Diesel Planet” – one of four such stores in the world (the others are located at Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong). These days, this store offers shoppers:

  • the option of customizing the inside waistband of denim purchases with their name, or initials, using a never before offered service that uses laser-etching technology;
  • an opportunity to step up to a number of magic mirrors located within the denim areas. When a customer looks into the full-length mirror, a snapshot is taken so one can check out their backside while looking into the mirror from front-on;
  • day alterations with tailoring done on-site;
  • messenger service and store-wide Wi-Fi;
  • e-commerce portals where customers can shop and have product shipped for free to the 5th Avenue store;
  • programs for the “Power Shopper” where clientele can recharge their mobile phones, pick up an umbrella or rain poncho or grab a jumbo shopping bag to place all of their other daily purchases inside.

Both the Diesel and Diesel Black Gold brands are sold as well as all Diesel goods, including bags, footwear, jewelry, shades and fragrances.

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