689 5th Avenue NY | Massimo Dutti

This Spanish apparel brand, which already has over 633 stores in over 60 countries, opened its first U.S. flagship store at this location in October 2012 (a three-floor site). Dutti, which shares the same parent company with fellow Spanish retailer Zara (Inditex Group), carries a line of fashionable men’s and women’s apparel (such as jackets, sweaters, and shirts), along with shoes and accessories. The store also has a selection of men’s & women’s fragrances.

Look for a life-sized white horse that sits stoically on the marble floors of the ladies’ department, sleek escalators, and whimsical windows, along with displays of its latest lines.

For now, Dutti’s challenge is to invest in marketing. Even though some European visitors may be familiar with this brand, it is still largely unknown to local shoppers (regardless of income). The shoppers it happens to be attracting have already said that this store is far more affordable than its neighbors.

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