767 5th Avenue NY | Apple Store

Apple 5th Avenue

A high-tech mecca for both locals and tourists, this Apple Store (which opened in 2006) gives visitors the opportunity to see all the latest PCs, laptops iPhones and other gadgets the famed U.S. computer manufacturer has to offer. The store, located in front of the GM Building and near the FAO Schwarz toy store, is most immediately noticed for its futuristic-looking glass cube exterior –with an elevator and spiral staircase leading to a basement-level store.

The Apple Store Fifth Avenue also has the largest staff of any Apple Store, with nearly 300 highly trained Mac Specialists, Mac Geniuses and Creative’s who offer free tips and tricks on photography, movies and music to make creative projects come to life at The Studio. This store features a combined 45-foot Genius Bar, iPod Bar and The Studio where customers can get face-to-face support, free advice and work on creative projects at any hour of the day or night.

Tourists frequent the store for one simple reason: all PCs and laptops offer free Internet access, which means they can check their emails and browse the web. There is an unofficial time limit of 15 minutes for such PC usage. Apple provides such access, so that prospective customers can try out the computers.

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