727 5th Avenue | Tiffany & Co Jewelry Store

727 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Tiffany

This iconic flagship sits like the crownpiece atop 5th Avenue, its monolithic presence beckoning serious shoppers, browsers and tourists alike into its hallowed marble chambers. Another department store with history, Tiffany first opened in 1940. Its five floors of opulent wares (including engagement, jewelry watches, silver and gifts) stand as a testament to the famed jewelry company’s classic charm and appeal.

With Tiffany’s long-standing reputation for pricey merchandise, it also sells less expensive items like key chains and money clips.

Unlike other pricey jewelry stores, where middle income shoppers feel too intimidated to set foot in, Tiffany’s is more visitor friendly, and making an expensive purchase is not mandatory. Tourists won’t want to miss the chance to see 128 karat The Tiffany Diamond, which is normally on display on the flagship store’s Main Floor. On the Mezzanine level, visitors to the Patek Philippe Salon will see a collection of important and historic watches on display.

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