105 5th Avenue NY | Barnes and Noble Books

105 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Barnes and Noble

Known for decades by high school and college students, Barnes and Noble book store has its flagship location here (which opened at this retail space back in 1932). With its corporate headquarters nearby (122 5th Avenue), this used to be the book store for students to purchase their course books for the entire school year.

By the late 1980s, Barnes and Noble moved beyond the student course book market when it purchased the B. Dalton book store chain. With that acquisition (where Barnes and Noble taking over B. Dalton’s 797 stores), it became a national chain, and eventually moved into online sales as well, and in more recent times electronic book sales (complete with sales of its electronic book reader, the Nook).

These days, along with book and magazine sales, this and other Barnes and Noble branches grew in popularity because of the presence of Starbucks cafes (with many offering free Wi-Fi service), as well as its occasional celebrity book promotions.

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