529 5th Avenue NY | Best Buy

529 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Best Buy

The consumer electronics retailer “Best Buy” decided to set up a 28,000 square ft. retail outlet in this busy stretch of 5th Avenue in 2005 (after men’s clothing retailer “Today’s Man” went bankrupt). The reason for their move into this location was obvious: to sell its line of PCs, flat-screen TVs, cell phones and other high-demand electronics to tourists and others. It also sells DVDs and DVD players. In addition, for those who are not too “PC savvy”, Best Buy provides “Geek Squad” house call service for customers who need their PCs and peripherals installed and running at home.

Best Buy’s major challenge seems to be providing decent customer service. Various frustrated consumers have gone onto “Google+” to air their horror stories and complaints about the bad service that Best Buy workers give them. In addition, the prices on many items (especially flat-screen TVs) are consistently higher at Best Buy than its major New York-area competitor P.C. Richard. Customer service at P.C. Richard tends to be better, too. In addition, there’s some bargaining room at P.C. Richard that’s non-existent at Best Buy.

Best Buy’s subsidiaries include CinemaNow, Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales, Cowboom, and in Canada operates under both the Best Buy and Future Shop labels. Together, they operate over 1,150 stores, along with over 100 Best Buy Express automated retail stores or “ZoomShops”, operated by Zoom Systems, in airports and malls around the U.S.

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