640 5th Avenue NY | H&M

640 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York H&M

The Swedish apparel retailer H&M grew in popularity in America over the

years, which is reflected by its 11 locations in Manhattan. It initially

made a splash selling affordable fashion items to local consumers at this New York location, before making its citywide expansion afterwards. Like its other stores, this H&M location is bright, with giant mannequins displaying the latest looks, and house music thumping throughout. Beware of crowded dressing rooms, thanks to the popularity of its clothes with tourists and bargain-hunting locals.

640 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York H&M

Along with its popular stores at Lexington Avneue & 59th Street (near Bloomingdale’s) and 34th Street & 7th Avenue (across the street from Macy’s), H&M opened at this spot near to catch the heavy 5th Avenue foot traffic from both local office workers and tourists.


H&M’s expansion in Manhattan continued when it decided to open an outlet at 48th Street & 5th Avenue – just three blocks away from this location. Its management felt it can afford to do so, there there’s heavy shopper foot traffic in that area (Rockefeller Center), especially during the holiday season.

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