97 5th Avenue NY | Aldo Shoes

97 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Aldo zapatos

In its attempt to draw in both tourists and NYU students, the Montreal, Canada-based Aldo shoe store chain, whose better-known locations are at West 34th Street (near 6th Avenue) and the Soho shopping district (in Lower Broadway), also opened a smaller store at this East 17th Street spot.

97 Quinta 5ta Avenida Nueva York Aldo Zapatos


Even though it has a selection of dressy and casual men’s footwear, Aldo is still best-known for its women’s shoe collection. Its shoes are mainly sourced in China, but also has footwear from Italy, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

Stressing its emerging status as a major international shoe brand, the label’s owner (the Aldo Group), signed on with pop singer Madonna in March 2012 to launch the “Truth or Dare by Madonna” fashion line.

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